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Payroll Bureau – for help with taking on and paying employees Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly. We will serve you even if you have one employee.

RTI – Real Time Information: Effective from April 2013

Under the new RTI payroll system employers will send information about the tax and national insurance that they deduct from employees’ wages to HMRC at the time when they are deducted -rather than at the end of the tax year in April-May, as happens now. So instead of submitting this data once a year to HMRC, online submissions will be made weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency at which their employees are paid.
Employers will still calculate Tax & NIC in the normal way.

EMUS has already invested a great deal into software that complies with RTI. We have also done payroll runs which we successfully submitted to HMRC under this new system. Call us now to start planning the transition of your payroll into RTI.
We operate a range of payrolls, large and small. We can provide a dedicated payroll bureau service providing a range of service to meet your specific business needs.

  Administration of employee deductions.

  All pay frequencies are operated i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

  Payslips preparation including security payslips for total confidentiality.

  Deal with HMRC and DSS on your behalf.

  Deal with employer and employee queries.

  Advice on bonus and incentive schemes, remuneration and general employment matters.

  Year end statutory forms including P60, P11, P11D.

  Advice on deadlines.

  Can help and advise on queries and investigations.

Our payroll management is a cost effective, efficient, dedicated and confidential service by experienced , friendly and competent staff.

Call us now to discuss your payroll requirement on 07402 828 228.

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