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Company Formations

We will help you decide if a Ltd Company is right for you and if it is, get everything set up for you and ready to trade.
Whether you want an off the shelf company, a tailor made company, a Limited Liability Partnership or a PLC, we can help form the company for you. For urgent requests we can also arrange same day formations.


This is a question we will help you answer. Let us look at your situation and make sure you are trading in the right format. We help many businesses every year with this situation and we are happy to help anyone with this question- Please call and arrange a free meeting to discuss this.

We can then offer any of the following company secretarial services:

  Registered office facilities

  Maintenance of statutory registers

  Submission of statutory documents

  Giving notice of General Meetings

  Drafting agendas for company meetings

  Preparing Minutes of Meetings

  Completion of share transfer forms

  Preparation of share certificates

  Carrying out company searches

  Filing of Annual Return

  Acting as Company Secretary

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